Joining UK SAYS NO MORE Week as an organisation


UK SAYS NO MORE Week is a time for us to take action to end domestic violence and sexual assault under the theme of #TogetherWeCan.

In the run up to the week, we have received numerous enquiries from organisations looking to get involved and host an event or activity to celebrate the week and raise awareness.

An event can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, from gathering staff for a coffee-break discussion, holding a bake sale or adding your photo to the UK SAYS NO MORE Gallery. You can use our How to Help postcards to start having that conversation.

We’ve put together some ideas, and would love to hear about what you’re doing so we can publicise it on our website and social media channels!

Here are some event and activity ideas:

  • Gather staff for a discussion on a topic of your choice, for example prevention of domestic and sexual violence or common myths and misconceptions (use our How to Help Postcards to give you some conversation starters on how to support victims of domestic violence)
  • If you have client-based services – organise a meeting for service users to spend time with you talking about how we can all work together to tackle these issues.
  • Host a staff photoshoot, using the UK SAYS NO MORE Poster to write what you are saying “NO MORE” to. Take a photo and add it to the Gallery and share on social media. Download and print the example posters here!
  • Run a local fundraising event, such as a cake sale or craft day, with all funds going towards services which work with those affected by domestic violence and sexual assault. Here are some materials to help you on your way.
  • Write a blog post for your organisation’s website – it could include a story from one of your service users, how employers can make a difference, or touch upon ways we can all become active in the goal to end domestic violence and sexual assault rather than passive bystanders. Check out the UK SAYS NO MORE blog for inspiration!
  • Make a statement on social media – you can reach a wide audience by using your organisation’s social media channels to post a quote about why you are supporting UK SAYS NO MORE Week (Need ideas? Check out our UK SAYS NO MORE Week Guide).
  • Display some of the UK SAYS NO MORE print ads in your office – you could use the poster to create a poster wall and encourage staff to write their thoughts on why it is so important to talk about these issues.

We’d love to hear what you have planned, and help in any way we can, so get in touch!

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UK SAYS NO MORE Week 2017: Event Ideas for Organisations
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