We at UK SAYS NO MORE are thrilled to be attending Reclaim the Night in London for a second year. The march, on November 25th 2017, is a time for women to unite and say NO MORE to all forms of sexual assault and harassment.

Last year we were overjoyed by the turnout and so proud to walk alongside so many passionate individuals.

Are you marching at Reclaim the Night in London this November?

We would love to see you there this year. Get all the details below: 

Join us for London Reclaim the Night! Close down central London for women, put your feet on the streets to shout a loud NO to rape and all forms of male violence against women.

Violence against women continues to occur every minute of every day, but women everywhere are making a stand. Join us and join millions across the globe who will be marking the annual United Nations Day to End Violence Against Women (25th November) with demonstrations and marches in their own localities.

With ideological cuts threatening the refuge and rape crisis movements in the UK we need to take back the capital to demonstrate women’s support for essential women’s services, demand justice for survivors and spread the message that no woman is ever to blame for male violence against her.

Bring placards, banners, friends and song. March for your friends and family, your colleagues, your daughters, yourself – march for all of us; march for a better world, free from violence and abuse.

All women are welcome at Reclaim the Night, including: women of all colours and cultures, of all religions or none, women of any age, disabled and non-disabled women, heterosexual women, lesbians, trans women, bisexual women, refugee and asylum-seeking women and any other women you can think of! We would love to see you all there. Bring along your mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces, and daughters. – reclaimthenight.co.uk

When: November 25th 2017, assemble at 6.00pm

Where: Assemble at Whitehall Place, SW1 

The march is women-only and will end with a mixed rally at the Camden Centre in Euston. This is the route:

Are you marching at Reclaim the Night in London this November?


Hope to see you there!

Join our Thunderclap for 16 Days of Activism #16Days

Let’s unite our voices and create some noise on social media on November 25th – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

By signing up, a one-off post will be made to your social media platform of choice on November 25th, saying NO MORE to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Add your support now by clicking here and backing our Thunderclap campaign!




Are you marching at Reclaim the Night in London this November?
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