Safeline Joins UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign

We’re so pleased to let you know that the brilliant Safeline have joined UK SAYS NO MORE as official campaign partners. Safeline is a leading specialist charity for sexual abuse and rape. Their work includes offering support to men, women, children and young people, those with disabilities, across a range of services. Find out more from them:

Our History

Safeline was set up in 1994 by victims of sexual abuse who wanted to help others.  We started as a helpline in a spare bedroom and over twenty years later we have helped more than 25,000 people in their journey through rape and sexual abuse.


It was in 1989 when the first step towards Safeline being created was taken. Our founder, Di Shoreman, then Senior Social Worker for Stratford-upon-Avon Mental Health Resource Centre, first began to work with survivors of childhood sexual abuse. She found that many clients presenting with mental health problems had underlying issues of sexual abuse as children, not previously recognised. After listening to their stories, Di decided to establish a support group where clients could seek and receive more tailored support.

Safeline today

We now provide a range of services including:

  • Counselling
  • Therapeutic Support Groups
  • Creative Therapies like Dramatherapy or Ecotherapy
  • Telephone and Online Counselling
  • Freephone Helpline and Online Support Services
  • Early Intervention and Prevention Projects
  • Website
  • Information and Advice
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) – providing support for those wishing to report to the police

Services are offered to men, women, adults and adolescents, who are survivors of abuse. Family members and friends of survivors can also access Safeline services across the whole of Warwickshire and surrounding areas.  Our Helpline, Telephone and Online Support Services are offered throughout the UK.

Over the years Safeline has moved from home working into its own dedicated premises. It has gone from strength-to-strength, building its services portfolio and pool of staff and volunteers to meet increasing client numbers.  Safeline listens to survivors in order to constantly adapt the services we provide to suit individual needs.

Services for men

1 in 6 men have been targets of rape or sexual abuse, that’s 5 million men in the UK. Abusers don’t discriminate – it can happen to any man, of any age, race, class or sexual identity.  Our trained professionals provide a range of services to support men in working through their experiences.  Safeline has over 20 years’ experience in working with rape and sexual abuse and our research shows that the clients we work with report a significant improvement in their mental health and wellbeing, enabling them to regain control of their lives and play a more active role within their communities.

Services for women

1 in 4 women are survivors of rape or sexual abuse, that’s 8 million women in the UK.  Safeline have over 20 years’ experience of supporting women while they rebuild their lives.  We work with female survivors of all ages, backgrounds and identities and can also offer support to the family and friends around you who have been affected by what has happened.  No matter who you are or how your life has been impacted by these issues, please get in touch with us. All our services are free.


Find out more about Safeline over on their website.

Interested in becoming a partner of UK SAYS NO MORE?

We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch with Lyndsey Dearlove, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Partnership Manager.

You can contact Lyndsey by email at or by phone at 020 7378 3170.

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Safeline Joins UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign
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