Toolkit: Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship Toolkit Front Page


Created in association with Hestia’s RBKC The Grove Centre’s Relationship Group, this toolkit is a guide to facilitating conversations centred on those perceived “difficult” intimate topics.





Toolkit: How to Talk to Young People about Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence


This toolkit was written by young people and is designed to be a guide for adults, specifically parents, on how to talk to teenagers about healthy relationships and topics such as sex, consent and abuse.

The aim is to explain how best to approach these types of conversations with young people from a teenager’s perspective.






Everyone’s Business Portal

Is your organisation a part of Everyone’s Business? Launched by the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Abuse, Everyone’s Business aims to put issues around domestic abuse at the heart of the workplace.  Working as a cross partnership programme, employers are provided with the tools they need to recognise and prevent domestic abuse and be empowered with the ability to quickly support employees who are either experiencing or are perpetrators of abuse. Statistically, it takes 35 incidences of domestic abuse before a woman seeks help (Jaffe et al. 1986) and 12% of those who experience intimate partner violence tells someone at work (Roe, 2008). For many, the workplace is where we spend most of our time throughout the week. We can do more to ensure that the space is welcoming to employees and support them when needed. The Everyone’s Business partnership works with organisations to think about their domestic abuse policies and procedures to be more effective in their response. At UK SAYS NO MORE we want to enable those closest to victims of abuse to recognise and respond safely to disclosures, ensuring that support is in place at the earliest opportunity. Remember, as an organisation, you are the best placed person to help a victim of abuse. Join the portal and change the workplace for your employees. Start by downloading a copy of the image above and following the messaging of the poster which can be found here.





Toolkit: 16 Days 2019 Filmmakers

Front page of Filmmakers ToolkitIn 2019 nearly 150 films were submitted to the 16 Days 16 Films competition, delivered in partnership with Modern Films, the Kering Group and Chayn. Following the UN’s annual campaign, 16 Days of Activism, these films, created by female filmmakers, highlight gender based violence in the United Kingdom and abroad.

But how can filmmakers use their films to further promote the cause of  gender based violence, specifically domestic abuse and sexual violence? This toolkit offers options and suggestions to guide all those who have made submissions to learn how their work can be viable in the wider campaign space.