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Sexual Violence and Modern Slavery
Sexual Violence and Modern Slavery | Hekate Papadaki
Whilst movements have gained traction around the issue of sexual violence, one area that rarely comes to light, but happens
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Supporting Your Friend Through Sexual Assault
All things considered, you’re a pretty awesome and supportive friend. But what happens if your friend tells you that they
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The More We Work Together, The More R Kelly Will Be Held Accountable
You’d be hard pressed to open a newspaper today without someone in a position of power and in the public
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The Old Vic
Blue Sky Thinking | The Old Vic
Written by Kate Varah, Executive Director of The Old Vic This blog post originally appeared on Kate Varah’s LinkedIn page
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Tackling Violence & Abuse Against Disabled Women & Girls | AVA
Written by Ruth Atkinson, Project Manager, AVA (Against Violence & Abuse) Women living with disability are twice as likely to suffer
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Surviving Economic Abuse
#WhatICanDo To Help Someone Who Has Experienced Economic Abuse | Surviving Economic Abuse
The mission of Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA) is to raise awareness of and transform responses to economic abuse. We want
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The Conversation Has Started, It Continues With Employers | The Corporate Alliance
Written by Melissa Morbeck of The Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence Age is a funny thing – there is a
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Working With Corporations To Tackle Harassment And Abuse| Stay Safe Global
Stay Safe Global is working with UK SAYS NO MORE to help end domestic abuse and sexual violence. Harassment, controlling
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Revenge Porn Helpline's 16 Days Blog
Abuse Isn’t Always Violent | Revenge Porn Helpline
Revenge Porn Helpline‘s Kate Worthington on the nature of Image-Based Abuse. Abuse happens. A recent UN study has found that
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Merton Council: Working To End Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence
Merton Council is saying NO MORE to domestic abuse and sexual violence.
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