We are calling all our Parliamentary Champions to stand with us and support the Domestic Abuse Bill


The Domestic Abuse Bill is in jeopardy
Stand with us to support its survival


We are writing to engage your support and ensure that the Domestic Abuse Bill continues on its path through parliament.

After nearly three years enlisting consultation from charitable organisations, campaigns, survivors and frontline specialists in addition to months of scrutiny conducted by parliamentarians, the Domestic Abuse Bill has now reached a critical juncture. Introduced to the House of Commons in July, the Bill will ensure the safety, support and livelihoods of domestic abuse survivors throughout the United Kingdom. With news that parliament will be prorogued for five weeks and that existing legislation, including the Domestic Abuse Bill, is in jeopardy, we need your support to ensure that the bill remains a priority.

The lives of survivors of abuse remain at the forefront of our minds and we need your government to protect and support the voices of all survivors equally, regardless of age and regardless of financial and immigration status. The Bill is our opportunity to set a precedent and allow survivors access to the support they need, whether that is special measures within the family court system, a ban on cross-examination by perpetrators, increasing availability of robust specialised services and providing secure housing.

These are direct calls from survivors and the government response is paramount. The Bill has ensured that we are now so close to changing the lives of so many in our society, and we are on our way to contributing to a better future for the next generation. With your support, your position in parliament will be key to protecting domestic abuse legislation as we pass to the new parliamentary session in these turbulent times.

Yours Sincerely,



The Domestic Abuse Bill Needs Your Support