UK SAYS NO MORE is a national campaign to raise awareness to end domestic abuse and sexual violence across the UK.

UK SAYS NO MORE seeks to unite and strengthen a diverse community of members of the public and organisations nationwide to actively take a stand against domestic abuse and sexual violence under one powerful, visual symbol. The campaign provides open-source tools and resources for individuals and organisations to take action and get involved in making a difference. Together we can challenge the myths and misconceptions around these issues, share resources and information, and ultimately work together to make real positive change.

Our projects:


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Launching during UK SAYS NO MORE WEEK 2018 (May 21-27), our theme is #WhatICanDo, because each one of us can play a significant role in preventing domestic and sexual violence, promoting equality and respect in our communities, schools, universities and workplaces. Find out what went on in our UK SAYS NO MORE WEEK review blog.

Domestic Abuse Bill

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We welcome the Government’s Domestic Abuse Bill and see this as an amazing opportunity to come together and say NO MORE to domestic abuse and sexual violence. Working with MPs and our partners has led to us to help shape the Domestic Abuse Bill. Read more about our progress with the Bill here.


Student Ambassadors

As part of our University Training Programme, we developed and delivered training to over 130 young men and boys in 2016 and in 2018-2019 are set to develop this further with more universities. 4 of our inspiring Student Ambassadors took part in a series of videos where they talk about their own reasons for joining the campaign and why it matters that they talk about domestic abuse and sexual violence.



We’re proud to partner with Uber and share this new educational video about preventing sexual violence, as part of their ongoing commitment to drive change.

NO MORE excuses

To launch UK SAYS NO MORE, we created a series of PSA videos and print ads featuring celebrities including Eddie Izzard, Alison Steadman, Andy Serkis and Kanya King.



We also created 2 print ad campaigns, one featuring the above celebrities, and the second featuring our NFL Ambassadors, NFL players and staff. In 2016 we delivered awareness training around domestic violence and sexual assault to over 130 young men aged 13-24 at Royal Holloway University, whereby Peer Ambassadors were trained to continue the training to their peers.


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