Safe Spaces

If you are a pharmacy looking to become a Safe Space, please scroll down.

Find out which pharmacies are Safe Spaces here.

What is a Safe Space?

During COVID-19, if you are experiencing domestic abuse, we understand that home is not safe.

UK SAYS NO MORE is working with with Boots UK, Superdrug pharmacies, Morrisons pharmacies and independent pharmacies that have signed up to the Safe Spaces scheme, to facilitate their pharmacy consultancy rooms as a Safe Space for victims of domestic abuse during COVID-19.

Their consultancy rooms are open, ready for you to use and will display information on how to access specialist domestic abuse services. 

How to access a Safe Space?

Walk into any Boots UK store, Superdrug Pharmacy, Morrisons Pharmacy, or one of the independent pharmacies involved in the scheme, go to the healthcare counter and ask to use their consultancy room.

The pharmacist will show you to the Safe Space. Once you are inside, all the specialist domestic abuse support information will be available for you to access, and you can make that call safely.

Find out where your nearest Boots pharmacy is using their store locator.

Find out where your nearest Superdrug Pharmacy is by using their store locator, and ticking the ‘Pharmacy’ box.

Find out where your nearest Morrisons Pharmacy is by using their store locator. Under the ‘opening hours’ section, it will list whether the store near you has a pharmacy, and its opening hours.

See which independent pharmacies are signed up to the Safe Spaces scheme here.

You can help us raise awareness of Safe Spaces.

Download the Boots UK social media toolkit, Superdrug Pharmacy social media toolkit or Morrisons social media toolkit, complete with social media graphics and suggested posts, and post about the scheme online.

If you are an independent pharmacy wanting to share that you are a Safe Space, download the generic Twitter, Facebook and Instagram graphics and spread the word online.

Any pharmacy can become a Safe Space.

During COVID-19, key workers in pharmacies hold a unique position as a single point of contact for victims of domestic abuse.

If you are a pharmacy, you can become a Safe Space today. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1

Open up your consultancy room as a Safe Space for victims of domestic abuse.

Step 3

Talk to your staff.

Ask them to download the Bright Sky app for information on local support services

Download and ensure they read the Safe Spaces Toolkit. This is a guide to facilitate a Safe Space and enable your employees to confidently respond to disclosures of domestic abuse in your community.

Familiarise your staff with the phrases ‘I need to access the consultancy room or Safe Space’. When accessing a Safe Space, to minimise public disclosures, victims may use one of these phrases.

If a customer presents themselves to you with one of the above phrases, show them to your Safe Space so they can access information on specialist domestic abuse support services.

Step Four

Email to notify us that you have become a Safe Space.

Step Five

Promote your Safe Space to your local community via social media, and use the hashtag #ListeningFromHome.

Find out more about our #ListeningFromHome campaign.

Any questions?

UK SAYS NO MORE’s Safe Spaces initiative is delivered alongside UK’s Pharmacy bodies.

If your question isn’t answered on this web page, please email your Pharmacy Body for further information.

If you’re experiencing domestic abuse, the Government has guidance on how to get support. If you’re in immediate danger, always call 999.


UK SAYS NO MORE’s #ListeningFromHome domestic abuse awareness campaign encourages family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours to be aware of, and to report, signs of domestic abuse whilst the UK is in lockdown.

If you’re a concerned that someone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, you can help by following these guidelines:

  • Check-in with victims but be mindful that communication channels may be monitored
  • Call 999 if you are concerned for someone’s safety – the police are continuing to offer the same level of support as always
  • Use Hestia’s Bright Sky app to contact specialist domestic abuse services

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