Domestic violence and sexual assault are crimes that are often hidden. As a society, we continue to place blame on the victim and in doing so silence victims. 18 celebrities took part in the ‘Excuses’, and ‘Attention’ PSAs in order to bring attention to these issues and to challenge society’s attitude to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Directed by Rachel Howald, and produced by MONK/Born in London, the UK SAYS NO MORE PSAs are the result of an unprecedented collaboration of celebrities, corporations, foundations and service providers who have donated their resources to bring these hidden issues into the public eye.

The PSA videos


UK SAYS NO MORE “Attention”:

UK SAYS NO MORE “NO MORE Excuses – Male version”:

Print Ads

Click the buttons below to view the entire print ad campaign, including the NO MORE excuses celebrity series, and the NFL ambassador series. Additional campaign materials such as logos, images for social media and mobile phone wallpapers can be found in the Take Action Toolkit.

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NO MORE Excuses – Celebrity Print Ads

NFL UK Print Ads

We’re so excited to launch the NFL UK print ads, taken in collaboration with our Peer Ambassadors at NFL.

View the entire collection of print ads HERE.

You can also check out this blog piece from Reminis Studios about the experience of photographing the UK SAYS NO MORE & NFL print ad campaign.

Take Action

Learn more about domestic violence and sexual assault and encourage having open conversations about these issues with your friends and family.

Add your photo to the Gallery and share why you are saying NO MORE to domestic violence and sexual assault.



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