If you are looking for our Safe Spaces scheme within pharmacies, click here.

What is Online Safe Spaces?

Online Safe Spaces, delivered in partnership between UK SAYS NO MORE and Royal Mail Group, web pages with information on specialist domestic abuse support services, national helplines and other resources. The web page does not appear in Internet browsing history.

Online Safe Spaces are currently accessible through the Royal Mail, Parcelforce, eBay and Post Office external websites, and on Ministry of Defence’s internal Intranet.

By clicking on the Safe Spaces logo on each of these sites, you will be automatically taken to an Online Safe Space and presented with information and resources on domestic abuse.

Online Safe Spaces aim to increase the number of opportunities for victims of domestic abuse to safely access support while carrying out daily online tasks such as tracking a delivery.

How can I raise awareness of Online Safe Spaces?

Raising awareness of Online Safe Spaces will help more victims of domestic abuse to access the support they need.

Download the Royal Mail or Parcelforce Online Safe Spaces toolkit, complete with social media graphics and suggested posts, and share them on social media.

How to join Online Safe Spaces

Your company can play a role in increasing the opportunities available for victims of domestic abuse in accessing support.

Joining Online Safe Spaces is simple and free. Email community@royalmail.com to register your interest.