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#ListeningFromHome – R’s Story
R shares her story of #ListeningFromHome Recently I made a 999 call. I wasn’t sure if I doing the right
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Domestic Abuse and Coronavirus
Kat Araniello is the Founder and chairwoman of the #Metoo forum for women working in the city and a UK
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56+ by Monika Radojevic
Monika Radojevic wrote this poem in memory of all the women who have died from the so-called ‘rough sex defence’
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coercive control by Simran Dhillon
Coercive Control
Incidences of coercive control are prevalent but wider understanding of what it is and how it manifests is often little understood. UK
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The Details
This post was written by All of the No. Below, going into honest details, she takes us through the various
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The Successes and Failures of the Domestic Abuse Bill
The Successes and the Failures of the Domestic Abuse Bill
The Domestic Abuse Bill, in its draft form at the time of writing, has seen many ups and downs since
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“I Finally Feel Free”: A Glance Of The Past
Lilly-Ann Jones is a videographer and has created a film depicting her mum Jenny and her aunt Billie reflecting on
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5 Ways to Help a Victim of Sexual Violence
Written by Rashida Simpson, Digital Campaigns Officer at UK SAYS NO MORE The impact of sexual violence is far reaching,
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Male Rape, Sexual Violence and Sexual Abuse
In light of sexual violence week and the recent conviction of Britan's most prolific rapist. Simran Dhillon takes a look
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Supporting Women and Girls Affected By FGM
Alima Dimonekene is an FGM activist and leading voice in the sector. Here she explains what FGM is and who
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