In a post #MeToo world, we’re seeing our activism efforts materialise as real societal change. Those who abuse their positions of power to abuse, harass and discriminate are being called out and held accountable for their actions. Of course there is far more work to be done, but the steps taken over the past year to rid the world of domestic abuse and sexual violence have been huge.

We’re pushing to see more tangible change. This means all victims being believed and understood, as well as being able to obtain the necessary support to ensure their recovery.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve partnered with Preston-based Criminal and Personal Injury Claims Specialists 33 Legal. Specialising in providing practical help to adult survivors of sexual violence, 33 Legal work to ensure that those affected by violent crime are able to explore compensation as an option to sustain specialist support for the long enduring impact violent crimes can have on their lives.Untitled design (1)

In their own words…

With 20 years experience, Andrew Doyle leads his team at 33 Legal in supporting victims of crime. Specialising in sexual violence, 33 Legal can help you to access a government award that can help in taking positive steps forward, such as funding further support.

For many of our clients, the first time they have taken the brave step to discuss what they have been through is when they contact us. We provide a safe place to meet with our friendly specialists here at 33 Legal. Also, not many people are aware but there is a Government organisation called the CICA who deal with government money specifically set aside to help anybody who has been a victim of blameless crime.

“Here at 33 Legal we are proud to partner with and support the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign. After supporting so many people who have suffered at the hands of someone who has sexually assaulted them we are keen to encourage the message that enough is enough. We want to encourage people to look to the future, and raise awareness of a little known Government award that is available to people who have been the blameless victims of crime.” – Andrew Doyle



33 Legal’s Charity Work

With over 20 years legal experience, we can help to make the whole process of applying to the CICA for this award as easy and smooth as possible. We have worked closely with a local community support group in the Lancashire area who tackle hate crime. Our close links with the LGBT community mean we have linked with the hate crime group and we will be touring the country visiting all the Pride events, reaching London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and many more- all to raise awareness of hate crimes, sexual violence and many other issues people can be affected by.


Interested in becoming a partner?

Are you or your organisation interested in becoming a partner of the UK SAYS NO MORE campaign? We want to hear from you! Email Partnerships Manager Sarah Winterflood at for more information.


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