In 2018, we are excited to launch our Know More Podcast – a space to host discussions around domestic abuse and sexual violence and how we can all be part of the solution, hearing from survivors, practitioners and activists who are all working to make real social change.

The importance of representation and education with filmmaker Jamie Janković

In this episode, we chat with experimental filmmaker Jamie Jankovic about the need for media outlets to talk about domestic abuse and sexual violenceand the vital importance of relationship and sex education in schools. We also discuss their film ‘Them: Or Things My Ex Boyfriends Have Actually Said To Me’.

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Listen to the podcast below:

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About Jamie Janković

Jamie Jimage-2018-06-19anković is a non-binary experimental filmmaker hailing from Plymouth, England whom is currently enrolled on the Experimental Film MA at Kingston School of Art. They graduated from Kingston University in 2017 with a BA in Media & Communication and Sociology and for this reason their work is particularly driven by the idea of using film and visual media as an accessible alternative to academia in regards to educating others about social justice and social awareness. Their work primarily revolves around using their lived experience as a queer person as a jumping off point for creating audio-visual projects that focus on specific under or misrepresented social issues and examining how they specifically impact the lives of queer people. Janković has examined topics such as: film, advertising and visual media as a tool to reinforce and uphold gender stereotypes; male* rape; queer domestic abusive relationships and queer accessibility in video games.

Watch Jamie’s film ‘Them: Or Things My Ex Boyfriends Have Actually Said To Me’ below:

Warning: The film is rated ‘Mature’ on Vimeo, as it includes scenes of mild nudity and of a sexual nature, and scenes depicting domestic and sexual violence.

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Know More Podcast: The Importance of Representation & Education
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