Blog Article | 7 March 2017

Transcendent Media Capital partner with UK SAYS NO MORE

On International Women’s Day, we are so pleased to announce that Transcendent Media Capital have joined Hestia and UK SAYS NO MORE as an official partner.

Transcendent Media Capital partner with UK SAYS NO MORE

About Transcendent Media Capital

Transcendent Media Capital Ltd is a global media production and consulting company, which specialises in the production of entertainment content focusing on high-quality social and environmental impact stories, in the form of feature films, short-films, documentary, digital and social media products, television, games, web apps, music and print media. TMC’s business model as a for-profit business is to partner with and facilitate collaborations between NGOs, corporate enterprises and filmmakers worldwide to create international social ventures (ISVs), practical problem solving projects that tackle real social or environmental issues. In doing so we increase the value of corporate enterprise corporate social responsibility agenda and brand, improve access to resources for NGO’s and also tell the stories to targeted audiences in engaging and interactive ways about the social or ecological problem enabling  a real and sustainable change for global issues.

Rarely in our experience have we found any social issue to be particular and local to a single region, whether it’s domestic abuse, forced marriage, human trafficking, animal trafficking, ethnic cleansing or discrimination against minority or underprivileged groups. There will be cultural nuances in how the issue looks or is dealt with locally, but they are global phenomena. At TMC we believe that the best way to resolve these issues is to bring together the skills and resources of corporate organizations, the expertise of NGOs who sit at the coal face of these issues, the voices of victims, and technology and media to engage storytelling and grassroots action. All these elements must come together in a creative and innovative collaboration as we make it our personal responsibility to leave the planet and its inhabitants in a better state than we found it. This collective path is the way we can affect change on a global level.   – Transcendent Media Capital’s CEO, Peta Milan

One of our current main projects is Free Yourself Global. “Free Yourself: Healing Families; Ending Domestic Violence”, is the first interactive global domestic violence campaign incorporating social media, web and podcast series, short films, feature film, a photo book and music benefit concerts. We are also building a fully animated and interactive digital platform to assist in transforming domestic violence worldwide. This campaign explores the enculturation of violence through families across the globe, and how does one, whether the abuser or the abused, interrupt the pattern of violence?

Transcendent Media Capital partner with UK SAYS NO MORE

Over half the proceeds will go directly to our partner NGOs and their member organizations combating this pandemic and supporting victims and recovering abusers. We also aim to connect these groups to share resources, tools, ideas, and collaborate. Currently organizations from over 68 countries around the world have officiated their support of Free Yourself Global. More importantly, this initiative hopes to bring together all of the voices of the participants of domestic violence, including recovering abusers, victims, children, educators, support agencies and health professionals, law enforcement agencies, politicians, celebrities and social entrepreneurs who work to aid in this cause. It is in this aim that “Free Yourself Global” inspires us. When all stakeholders come together in a grassroots forum, we strengthen our ability to understand, address, and end the cycle of domestic abuse.”

We are excited to announce Hestia Charity as one of our important partners in combating domestic violence worldwide.  Together we aim to reach survivors of domestic and sexual abuse and families of victims of femicide throughout the UK. We will record their stories, enabling us to increase depth of understanding about these issues, give survivors and victims’ families a voice to assist in healing and help inform policy makers.

Get in touch and share your story

If you are a recovering abuser, a domestic violence survivor and/ or a professional working in or with this field, we want to hear your story.  Submit it anonymously via this link or email us at for more information on how you can choose to tell your story and how it will help others in need.

Visit today for more information. To keep up to date on our campaign and the latest news pertaining to domestic violence worldwide make sure to follow us on facebook and instagram @FreeYourselfGlobal.


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