Cardiff Women's Aid Join UK SAYS NO MOREWe’re so pleased to welcome Cardiff Women’s Aid as a UK SAYS NO MORE campaign partner. 

Find out more about their work below, offering professional support and guidance to women both in crisis and in the stages of recovery.

About Cardiff Women’s Aid

Cardiff Women’s Aid has deep roots in Cardiff and has served its communities for over 45 years. Despite our long history of service one of the greatest things about our organisation is that we have changed and evolved as our community, as society, has changed and evolved.

What that means most importantly is that we are always looking to deliver our services, and develop new ones, in ways that will meet the needs of women,children and young people right now.

We are not afraid to try something new as we are always looking to improve our services. That’s why we get involved with research projects at Universities.  This also means that the interventions we use are based in strong evidence. And we truly believe our services are amongst the most cutting edge in the UK and beyond.

Cardiff Women’s Aid is committed to delivering fully joined-up services, and that is why we work hard to continue to develop our wide portfolio of resources.

Our mission and vision is what ultimately guides all that we do and as such we are are dedicating a section on our website for you to explore that more here.

Vision and philosophy 

Our vision is to see an end to the domestic and sexual violence/abuse that is affecting everyone in our great City and across the world.

Our mission is to transform society’s response to domestic and sexual violence/abuse and ensure our integrated services are ready to meet the needs of those affected.

How We Work

It takes enormous courage to reach out for help and it is one of the most dangerous times for women and their families. That’s why our aim is to respond quickly and appropriately every time we are contacted in person, by phone, via a third party (usually the Police) or sometimes even email.

Our expert and professional staff will deliver risk reductions, safety planning, advocacy, advice and emotional support.

We’ll continue working with women through the crisis until things are a little easier to cope with.  This is not the end of her journey but only the beginning and we’re working hard to make sure we have services ready to walk with her on that path through recovery and healing.

Cardiff Women’s Aid is the only specialist agency anywhere delivering a ground breaking psychological intervention alongside our crisis IDSVA work.

We were one of the field trial sites for this evidence based and tested intervention which begins to address the deep damage caused by domestic and sexual violence/abuse. The only 1-2-1 therapy service in the UK for women who have experienced domestic abuse.

This is carried out by IDSVA’s (Independent Domestic and Sexual Violence Advocates) who have been specially trained to deliver the intervention by a Clinical Psychologist.

PATH (Psychological Advocacy Towards Healing) has been clinically evidenced to be effective in significantly reducing trauma compared to general advocacy. Group work is not always suitable for everyone.

PATH sessions mean women can explore their feelings in a safe environment with their Specialist Psychological Advocate. This can be around depression, anxiety and self-esteem but can explore more deep-rooted issues around childhood experiences, post-traumatic stress and dissociation.

“We are proud to be part of the NO MORE campaign and will be working with partners to bring this successful movement to Wales” – Cardiff Women’s Aid.

Visit the Cardiff Women’s Aid website for more information on their services.

Interested in becoming a partner of UK SAYS NO MORE?

We’d love to hear from you, please get in touch with Lyndsey Dearlove, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Partnership Manager.

You can contact Lyndsey by email at or by phone at 020 7378 3170.

Cardiff Women's Aid Join UK SAYS NO MORE

Cardiff Women’s Aid Join UK SAYS NO MORE
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