Blog Article | 9 October 2017

Safe Partnership Joins UK SAYS NO MORE

10th October 2017 – Safe Partnership joins UK SAYS NO MORE

We at UK SAYS NO MORE are thrilled to welcome Safe Partnership as an official partner. Safe Partnership are a charity doing amazing partnership work to protect and support those affected by domestic violence.

The Safe Partnership has three core aspects:

  • Target Hardening
  • Safe rooms and sanctuaries
  • SafeDATE

Target hardening is a scheme to secure the homes of victims of violence and crime which they have been doing since 1987. Safe Partnership has been enabling victims of domestic violence and abuse to remain safely and securely in their own homes by providing additional free and immediate home security measures.

Safe Partnership is the lead provider of Safe Rooms and Sanctuary installations. This can include upgrading the doors and additional door or window security, door viewers and fireproof letter boxes; and each property is individually assessed to provide the best solutions.

In the last financial year, Safe Partnership helped 15,990 people to overcome the effects of abuse and violence without having to move home and struggle with the detrimental effects moving can cause to the victim and their family at a crucial time of their lives.

“I feel much safer and it makes me feel at ease knowing my property is safe”

Safe Partnership work throughout England in partnership with many local authorities to provide a positive intervention for anyone suffering from domestic abuse and violence and have noted a surge in the reporting of elder abuse and adolescent towards parent violence. Victims are not exclusively women and although it is recognised that men struggle to report abuse more are now coming forward for help.

“I am proud to know what Safe Partnership have achieved and Tower Hamlets Council was a part of it”

During the last year, we have installed 12 high security replacement doors and 12 safe/sanctuary rooms for the highest risk victims where homicide was a possibility.

Safe Partnership will continue to focus on keeping their victims and families safe from violence and abuse.

SafeDATE is a free healthy relationship programme for young people. Over the past four years Safe Partnership have successfully delivered the workshop to 32,611 young people and have a full calendar for the autumn term, and bookings are now being taken for 2018. Learn more at

We’re really excited to have the Safe Partnership join the campaign, the work that they do through the sanctuary project to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse can feel safer in their homes is incredibly important. Safe Date is a great project, doing the incredibly important work of creating awareness about domestic abuse and sexual violence with young people’. – Lyndsey Dearlove, VAWG (Violence Against Women and Girls) Partnership Manager at Hestia.

You can find out more about Safe Partnership and how they help victims of domestic violence by visiting

You can support UK SAYS NO MORE by:

  • Adding your photo to the Gallery, joining others nationwide saying “NO MORE” to domestic violence and sexual assault.
  • Sharing the campaign materials on social media and with friends, family and colleagues, to start a conversation around these issues.
  • Pledging to learn more and take a stand by challenging derogatory language or the perpetuation of myths through learning and sharing of this knowledge.



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