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It’s been a busy week here at UK SAYS NO MORE, and we are extremely pleased to announce another partnership – SurvivorsUK.

Survivors UK are a charity who provide support for male victims of sexual abuse. Their CEO has shared information about the charity – read below.

About SurvivorsUK:

“SurvivorsUK is a unique charity with thirty years’ experience as a national service providing a range of therapies and support for male survivors of sexual abuse. Our aim is to reach those who find it so difficult to disclose to anyone what has happened to them and to give them support and therapy as well as raising public and political awareness of the issues.

This is a major and widespread matter for social concern which is largely still unrecognised as such. Male sexual abuse can happen to anyone irrespective of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity or social behaviour. We need to encourage more to come forward to seek help as otherwise the consequences in mental health, ability to function, self-harm and deep trauma as well as difficulty in relationships at home and at work can be immense.

Our activities include a website with information about male sexual abuse, a blog and newsletter and details of other organisations in the UK offering services.  It is through the website and our digital marketing campaigns that survivors access our anonymous webchat which operates seven days a week.

We offer individual and group counselling, telephone counselling and a telephone support line. We provide the services of an Independent Sexual Violence Adviser (ISVA) to help those going through the experience of the prosecution of perpetrators which requires great specialism and sensitivity. We recognise that all survivors are individuals and need a specialist approach – that is why we offer the breadth of provision to cater for all.”

Interested in learning more about SurvivorsUK? Find out more here!

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Please get in touch with Lyndsey Dearlove, Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Partnership Manager at Hestia.

You can contact Lyndsey by email at or by phone at 020 7378 3170.

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SurvivorsUK Join UK SAYS NO MORE
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