The UK SAYS NO MORE team are thrilled to announce that Nottingham-based charity Equation have joined us as a campaign partner.

Equation Becomes UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign Partner

Who we are

Equation is a charity that promotes equal, healthy relationships free from domestic abuse.

1 in 4 women will be abused by a partner, ex or family member at some point in their lives and on average 2 women a week lose their lives because of domestic violence. Equation exists to prevent and reduce the harm caused by domestic abuse and sexual violence in Nottingham City and Nottinghamshire.

Working in partnership, Equation empowers our whole community to challenge this abuse through healthy relationships education, awareness campaigns, professional training and promoting safety.

Equation’s Annual Impact

Preventing abuse: 6000 young people educated about healthy relationships

Reducing harm: 1800 community professionals trained about domestic abuse

Challenging damaging attitudes: 50,000 citizens reached by awareness campaigns

Improving safety: 120,000 abuse information cards help survivors reach local services

Providing support: 100 men experiencing domestic abuse receive emotional support

*figures from 2014-15

Our history

In 1989 Nottinghamshire Domestic Violence Forum (NDVF) was founded to bring together all the experts working against domestic violence in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. In addition to partnership working, the organisation developed vital services to meet local needs: in 1996 the organisation was the first in the area to establish a central domestic abuse training and awareness programme for local community professionals; in 2000, we supported the launch of the first 24-hour domestic violence helpline in the country by developing safety information cards that promoted the new local service; in 2002, we delivered our first schools healthy relationships project.  Our work has continually expanded to meet demand.

In 2012 we rebranded as Equation. We maintain our founding ethos of partnership working and our aspirational vision of universal healthy, equal relationships. Equation remains the central local organisation for domestic abuse training and best practice guidance for frontline community professionals, promotion of local domestic violence services and prevention work in schools.

Equation Becomes UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign Partner

Equation also offer a range of resources available to order, designed for those who work with young people or children who have lived or are living in abusive households. Resources include information cards with safety information for those experiencing domestic violence, including women, men and LGBT+ survivors, as well as for those experiencing sexual violence.

There are also resources designed for children and young people, including booklets ‘A booklet for me: Helping children explore their experience of domestic abuse’ and ‘Moving Forward: Helping Young Women Explore Their Experience of Abusive Relationships’. See all of Equation’s domestic violence and sexual assault resources available.

Find out more about Equation and their work supporting young people, professionals, survivors, and communities.

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Equation Becomes UK SAYS NO MORE Campaign Partner
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